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Fancy Lamby, Rose

Ships in 4-6 Weeks

Made for first moments, our handmade soft cotton coverall is a favorite with all the details we love.  Made with 100% soft premium Cotton, this coverall features a footed design for extra coziness. Full Front and leg snaps to allow for easy dressing.  Plus, Rhinestones for touch of luxury!

Set includes:

  1. Coveralls
  2. Mitten Cuffs
  3. Beanie Hat
  4. Shoes

If you choose a Gift box, Doll, and Greeting card, we will choose the best matching selections for you. Otherwise, you can choose it yourself from our baby products page.

  • Customizable: The coverall can be personalized with your choice of monogram or initials.



We make clothes that stand the test of time. Use them as Keepsakes that stay with your family to cherish for life, or hand them down to your loved ones.


Care & Washing Instructions:

Hand Wash Cold, air dry. If Rhinestone embellishments detach during wash, wait for garment to dry, then place rhinestone in place, cover with cotton fabric, place iron (on low heat setting) over the rhinestones to re-attach.

Wing Embellishments should be removed before wash and reattach with velcro after garment dries.

Use: Intended for Special occasion/photoshoot, Not for everyday use