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The fashion industry is heavily influenced with “ready-to-wear” or “off the rack” clothing. These clothings are mass-produced to make fashion more affordable for many. But what it also has done is flood the fashion industry with clothing that isn’t particularly well made or created to last very long. Even the premium brands fail in the most important ways: quality, attention to detail, fit, and tailoring. 

Another problem with Mass-produced garments is that they are all made into common sizes. But no two bodies are the same and we all have curves in different spots. Almost every woman including us, deals with weight fluctuation. Even high-end retailer garments aren’t designed to be adjusted to alter the fit.    

So for those women who have fit issues, what do they do?

                                                 What is “Couture”?

Couture is the French word for sewing. Couture means attention to detail, precision sewing techniques, and excellence in craftsmanship and artistry. A couture gown is created 100 percent from scratch. A custom design, executed with the finest materials tailored specifically to your measurements.

 It is assembled with exquisite beading, hand embroidery, feathers, fur or other embellishments by highly trained artisans. A couture gown will look and feel beautiful, flatters your curves like nothing else, and is made impeccably which will last for many years to come.

The level of workmanship on a couture gown is so impressive that a single gown can take between 200 to 500 hours to make. That’s why there’s no comparing ready-to-wear clothing to a haute couture. You will feel comfortable in it and you won’t be counting seconds to get home and take it off. 


                                       Is Couture more expensive?

So, are the couture dresses more expensive? Out of budget? You’d probably say yes, but you’d be wrong.  

A lot of girls visit countless boutiques when looking for their dream gown. They try on dress after dress, until they find ‘The One’. The reality is that ‘The one’ usually comes with a bunch of alterations required, and no extras included, all of which have a large, and often unexpected impact on the cost of their ‘dream dress’.

The dress that fit your budget at $1500, has now ended up costing over $2200 with alterations, and is, well, to be blunt, completely off the rack, not unique to you and likely to have been purchased by 20 other people that day across the country. Is it still your dream dress?

What about investing in a couture gown instead? A gown that is 100% hand made to your measurements by an expert seamstress with years of experience in pattern cutting. A gown that is unique to you vs. another piece of clothing being uniform and  mass-produced that hundreds of other people have. So instead of paying for poor quality, light weight, and glued together gown, you will be paying for quality clothing with hours of hand sewing, individually placed embellishments, hand stitching and beading, which ensures the most perfect finishes and gives you a dress that fits to your body like a glove.

Now you see why most fashionistas are trending to couture gowns? A dress worth paying for. A gown that will last and you can cherish for many years, or pass on to your loved ones or sell at high price if you wish. 

Made to Measure, is made to Treasure!