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Mission Statement


    Nowadays with increased childhood obesity and the drop in the average age of puberty many of our children’s bodies don’t necessarily follow the standard size charts. With the fashion industry being flooded with mass produced dresses based on standard sizes it has become difficult for young girls to find dresses that flatter their curves. This unfortunately has lead to the majority of girls and women not liking their bodies; Says body image researcher, Sara Murnen, professor of psychology at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. 


   With the promotion of thin as sexy and beautiful in our culture, most girls think that if they don’t fit this ideal they are not considered beautiful. This pressures young girls, particularly those under the age of 16, to fall into the trap of self hatred and engage in unhealthy behaviors to acquire a perfect body type to look like the models on the runway (As concluded by a research study performed by Todd Morrison and Emer Sheahan). 


   At Bella Luna Gowns we would like to change this trend. We made it our mission to encourage self love and enhance body confidence and positivity to girls of all ages. We make dresses for “real” girls and women. We work with your body not against it and treat it with respect. By making our gowns to measurement and specifications we ensure that girls and women not only look beautiful but more importantly “Feel” beautiful and confident in their own skin.


   After-all, every girl deserves to look and feel like a true princess on their special day no matter what shape or body type they have or disability they endure. We hope that by boosting the girls sense of self and confidence we will boost their personal power to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams. Every girl is a star and should be celebrated. Every girl should know that they are beautiful just the way they are. 


Bella Luna Gowns