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About Us


Welcome to Bella Luna Gowns,

Our story began with a little girl who had a passion for designing and creating beautiful things. As she grew up and became a mother, her children became her inspiration and motivation to make a change in the fashion industry.



In a world where mass produced dresses dominate the market, it has become challenging for women to find outfits that truly flatter their unique curves. The pressure to conform to unrealistic beauty standards can lead to self-doubt and negative body image.

At Bella Luna Gowns, we strive to challenge these norms and empower women of all ages to embrace their natural beauty. We believe in celebrating every body type and providing custom-made gowns that enhance each individual's confidence and self-love.

We want every girl to feel like a princess on her special day, regardless of her shape, size, or disability. By boosting self-confidence and promoting body positivity, we aim to inspire women to achieve their dreams and embrace their inner strength.

Remember, confidence is the most beautiful thing you can wear. Every woman is a star, and every girl deserves to feel beautiful just the way she is. Join us on our mission to celebrate individuality, self-love, and the beauty of being true to yourself.