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Hello and welcome to Bella Luna Stars Program

All Girls Are Beautiful and Should Be Celebrated
Here at Bella Luna Gowns we made it our mission to encourage self esteem and enhance confidence in all girls no matter what shape or body type they have or disability they endure. All girls are beautiful just the way they are and should be celebrated. 
So please join us in our efforts to seek out shining stars with special needs, disability, underprivileged, or who have lost their parent/s, so we can brighten their world and make them feel special. 
Please submit a high quality photo of your little princess, her age, her size, where she is from, and a short biography to the email provided below.
Our Stars will receive:
  • A very special gown from Fairy God Mother to wear on their special day
  • Will receive invitation to our special events where she will be the guest of honor
  • Gets to model her gown and her images will be submitted to magazines for publication. 
With our stars program we hope to raise strong confidant women. Let’s teach our daughters that we are all equals and they should see each other as who they are as a person and not the label. Lets build a future where women lift one another, love and be loved, and treat each other with respect. Thank you for your support. 
   Please send all information to:
Email Subject: Bella Luna Stars